Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY Typewriter Keys & Wistful Traveler's Jewelry + Freebie Download for You!

August FREEBIE Download Collage Sheet ~ Smith Corona style Typewriter KeysFREEBIE printable collage sheet download when you “LIKE” US on Facebook (click here)! If you're already a fan, you'll see the link here:

We've got a really great 
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Use these as we did for the jewelry samples below, or embellish our bamboo tiles. Great for scrapbooks.
These also make a killer set gift set of fridge magnets. Add our 1" pendant bases + instant adhesive domes - or print out slightly larger and punch out 1" circles too ~ use with our bottle cap pendants and magnets !
Make instant pendants, magnets, more! Add our epoxy domes, or e6000, 3D Crystal Lacquer + glass domes. Easier still, just stick down epoxy bubbles and trim. Done.
We hope you’re having a wonderful summer with some extra time to set aside for crafts and family.
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Here's 3 fast and fun ideas for near instant art jewelry.  
We made our Typewriter key jewelry charms and Typewriter Key Finger Rings, as well as a Bahama Mama necklace using just a few of our newest charm blanks, domes and this month's freebie collage sheet download. (see below). Let's get started!
Plan ahead - attached to a charm bracelet or hung from a chain or ribbon, these make easy, fun & personalized holiday gifts.
1. Faux Typewriter Key Charms (click image above)
Our newest charm bases and matching domes just arrived - 18mm - dime size - just about typewriter key size - perfect for faux typewriter art jewelry.
2. Faux Typewriter Key Rings (click to enlarge)
Our finger rings and matching domes just arrived - 16mm - actual typewriter key size - perfect for faux typewriter art jewelry.
How to Make Typewriter Jewelry Using our Glass Domes and Charm bases:
1. Print this month's freebie typewriter collage sheet at 30% of actual size. 2. Add a small dollop of e6000 adhesive to printout. 3. Press glass dome down firmly for a thin, bubble-free seal. 4. Speed dry in your microwave (1 min, 10% power) or oven (250 degrees) briefly. 5. Trim around the glass edge with sharp scissors, 6. Dry fully. (Back in the oven or let sit overnight).  7. Glue your art dome into the rimmed base - perfect fit, perfectly finished charm! 
 3. Bahama Mama Necklace. I'd rather be in the Bahamas today, wouldn't you? Armchair travel your way around the globe with a custom armchair traveller charm.
Our new 1" thin-rimmed SP square bases with matching epoxy bubbles just arrived - I made fast use of them on this nearly instant project!
How to Make our Bahama Mama Necklace Using our Charm Bases and Epoxy Domes
1. Find a cool map scrap. (National Geographics are good). 2. Peel n stick our epoxy bubble on top. 3. Glue into charm base.(e6000, etc.)  4. Dry fully. (try a low-temp oven if you're in a hurry ~ like headed out the door trying to give as a gift!) 5. Embellish with our Mini Message Bottles, Starfish and Scallop Shell charms 6. Attach with jump rings onto one of our simple chains or cords.

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