Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Mini Bottle Aquarium Charms Make Sweet Little Gifts!

Mini Bottle Imaginarium Aquarium Charms by Anne Strasser for eCrafty
Mini Bottle Imaginarium Aquarium Charms by Anne Strasser for
Wow! Look what Anne just dreamed up with our newest jug-size mini glass bottles! What FUN gifts these would make! She combined several ideas into one cool themed creative set - combining snowglobe shaker style action with filled colored water and ocean themed charms. See our themed charms & pendants section for more inspiration and ideas!
She made these little treasures with our 1200V and 1200G series mini bottles, our eye pins, headpins, our 1507A and 1507L fish charms, some extra glitter, a few smaller beads or glass pearls, with a mixture of mainly glycerin (find it at your drug store), mixed with some water and a dash of food coloring to finish. Seal your liquid filled bottles with our e6000 adhesive around the base of the cork and let dry fully.
Other really fun ideas for these jug-shaped mini bottles include mini snowglobes, terrariums, planetariums, time out charms, picture or photo pendants, etc.
Send us pictures of your creations or ideas - we'll post yours or perhaps make them here and post for you to try!
There are SO many ideas for these jug style bottles - we've only just begun! The basic concept is the same -Convert these into instant pendants with our screw eye pins into cork top. Clear blown glass mini treasure bottles with cork stoppers for bead storage, interchangeable pendant art, message in a bottle charms, keepsake charms, momentos, altered art, travel treasures, more!
Make your own message in a bottle charms and altered art pendants, projects, party and wedding favors! Or store your seed and matsuno beads with ease! You can also convert these into instant pendants by wire wrapping too! Get creative with these little treasure keepers ~ watch out ~ once you start, it's hard to put them down! Happy creating!

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