Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jewelry Ideas Made with our "In Black and White" Freebie Collage Sheet

Beyond Black and White! 6 New Inspired Projects for You!

Wow! We had an amazing response to our "In Black and White" freebie download collage sheet from the July newsletter and Facebook post. We hope you find these 6 projects as inspiring as we did! Click on any photo to for a closeup.

PolyClay Necklace by Kris Richards, click for detailed viewFirst up, Kristine Richards joins us as a regular contributor and creative force extraordinnaire. Lucky us! She works in many mediums - this time she used polyclay along with our clear epoxy domes and favorite inks, wire and crystal faceted beads to transform our "In Black and White" freebie download collage sheet into the gorgeous necklaces you see here. Hang on to your collage sheets ~ there's more to come! This is probably do-able for a medium-level crafter. For a detailed project sheet (PDF format - printable instructions) on Kris' necklace, just e-us.

Next up, our friend and coworker Hannah Greenberg came up with a different rainbow interpretation of our "In Black and White" freebie collage sheet - using watercolors on a black/white printout. She trimmed and rolled the colored squares of paper inside of our mini glass bottle charms. The results are gorgeous - and probably just the right level for beginning crafters.  For a detailed project sheet (PDF format - printable instructions) on Hannah's' mini bottle charms, just e-us.

Click here to see a larger version of Cheryl's creationFor our bead loving readers, our friend and co-worker Cheryl Satterlee came up with two ingenious ways to incorporate our ball chain necklaces with our spunky black, white and pink lampwork beads. Her latest creation is a new twist on a beaded necklace and chain using 20 gauge wire and assorted glass pearls.

Here is another variation on this new technique from Cheryl. She chose the focal bead with the largest hole for the centerpiece of this pendant. Again using 20 gauge wire she threaded a mixture of focal beads, spacer beads and metal bead caps onto the wire. But this time she created a loop at the bottom and threaded the wire through the center bead twice. The tops are just loops of wire connecting the pendant to the ball chain.  

For a detailed project sheet (PDF format - printable instructions) on Cheryl's ball chain technique, just e-us.
Click here for a closeup view of Shenoa's Happy Birthday Grandma necklace!Last but by no means least, our friend and co-worker Shenoa Satterlee (Cheryl's granddaughter) made a beautiful necklace for Grandma Cheryl in all of her favorite colors. Here she used one of our Batik Focal beads as the center of this design. She created a pattern of beads and chain for this necklace. Try one of ourJewelry Makers Mixes in your favorite colors. A few findings of jump rings, headpins, chain and clasps are all you need for a gorgeous new necklace.

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Thank you to our wonderful contributors this month:

Kristine Richards lives happily ever after in the mid west, taking time to smell the roses, create poly clay and lampwork beads and jewelry, attend craft and bead classes, spend time with her family, all the good stuff. There is probably a more accurate bio to write on her - but the newsletter deadline is near! We'll do a formal bio on her project sheets. Welcome Kristine! You are our fairy godmother of craftiness!

Cheryl Satterlee lives happily ever after here in Northern California with her family and grandchildren nearby. We're very grateful to have her help on EVERY front! Packing up your orders, looking after things that would normally slip thorugh the cracks, and creating beautiful jewelry in her spare time. She is multi-talented and enjoys beading, baking and babysitting for new family members!

Shenoa Satterlee lives here in Northern California just a stone's throw from Grandma's house. She is a bright, industrious middle schooler who happens to love absolutely everything about the theater ~ writing! acting! singing! lights! camera! action! She has helped us a lot over the summer here in the office. Thank you Shenoa!

Hannah Greenberg also lives here in Northern California, works hard in high school, love to dance, and does some amazing bending of wire and beading of beads in her spare time! We're lucky to have her here helping us and thinking up so many COOL new uses for our craft items!

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