Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crystal Faceted Rainbow ~ Convertible Bracelet and Necklace DIY from eCrafty.com


Cheryl loves all things sparkly. So when we got in our new mix of crystal faceted rondelles SKU 606A,B,C in a rainbow of colors, she went to town making a new necklace/bracelet. Cheryl chose our charm bracelet SKU 1199G with small links as the base for her crystal dangles. She used our new ball end headpins SKUs 1506E, F, G  to attach the rondelles to the chain, two per link. Her pattern was a rainbow of beads with crystal clear at the center. Adding our crystal faceted drop SKU 433.23 at the center was a final touch. Cheryl wanted this creation to be both a bracelet and a necklace. So she exchanged the lobster clasp for our magnetic clasp SKU 1729. She also put  a magnetic clasp on our bright silver ball chain SKU 1240Z. Now she can wear these rainbow crystals as a necklace or a bracelet. How FUN is that?f

There are MANY variations on this idea - this is just a kickstarter for many more designs to come! Share yours with us! info@ecrafty.com.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

4 Fun Pendant DIYs from eCrafty.com: Falling Crystals, Wrapped Beach Glass, Wire Weave Confetti Star, & Wrapped Ice Crystal

Falling Crystals Necklace

Cheryl decided to use two of our snake chain bracelets SKU1190 to make one necklace.  Our Starter Master Bracelet has a screw end to allow you to thread large holed beads onto the chain.  In this necklace, Cheryl used our large holed Millefiori Glass Beads 1700Q for the focal beads.  She also used a variety of metal spacer beads from our Bail Style Deluxe Metal Bead Mix 1155.  Cheryl strung these in an asymmetrical pattern for interest.  The extension chain hanging at the front was a perfect base for more dangles.  Here she used some bead frames she also found in our 1155 Bali Bead Mix.  
She used small crystal beads on a head pin in the center of the bead frame.  You could also use charms or bead dangles.  Finally, Cheryl connected the two bracelets by exchanging the front clasp with a jump ring.  We have a great beginner’s assortment of jump rings if you’re not sure what size you’ll need ~ Our Silver Jump Ring Mega Mix 1501Q  - great assortment of 500+ pre-sorted silver plated brass jump rings in sizes from 5mm up to 12mm ~ something for every connection!

Beach Glass and Pearls Wrapped Necklace
Wire wrapping is a hot trend right now.  Cheryl used one of our Beach Sea Glass Pebbles 301A for her beach glass and pearl necklace.  Start by gluing a bail to the back of the pebble of your choice.  Cheryl used 806A-10pc pendant bail glued into place with E-6000 Craft Adhesive SKU 1083.  

After letting the glue dry overnight, she used a couple of feet of 18 gauge wire for decorative wrapping around the pebble.  She added several glass pearls SKU 446MIX200 and some crystal beads 1183C.  What an easy project.  Our beach sea glass pebbles come in green and aqua as well as clear. We also have sea glass beads and pre-drilled sea glass pendants.

Green Confetti Star Necklace
Are you into wire wrapping?  Cheryl can't stop!  For this necklace, Cheryl used one of our larger bead caps SKU 1153 as the armature or framework for her beaded pendant.  Using 2-3 feet of 18 gauge wire, she started by wrapping the wire to secure it at the starting point.  Then she threaded a pattern of seed beads 1200R-GOLD and Confetti Foil Beads 1370E and worked around the frame.  She even made star points by using a pattern of 2 seed beads, 1 confetti bead, 1 seed bead, and then back through the confetti bead, and then 2 more seed beads.  You can create any pattern you like.  Also we have confetti beads in lots of colors: Aqua, Amber, Pink, Green and Clear.  You can make Christmas ornaments in the same way too.

Aqua Confetti Star Necklace

Through the magic of Photoshop, I dreamed up what would happen if you made Cheryl’s creation above with our aqua confetti beads. Here’s what it would look like!

Wire wrapped crystal drop necklace
Cheryl loves all of our faceted crystal pendant drops.  Here she embellished the drop SKU 433.21 with wire wrapped beads.  Using a couple of feet of 28 gauge wire, Cheryl wrapped the wire at the hole at the top and then started threading random small beads on to the wire.  She used our small silver spacer beads 517G and 517H along with small crystal beads 1183C and zebra stripe E beads in black.  You can make any design you like with the wire.  Just start and end at the top.  The bail is made by threading more silver spacer beads and then looping the wire through the hole.  This crystal pendant looks great with one of our neck cords or chains.

About the designer: Cheryl S. is a very talented multi-tasking mom and grandmom who we have the pleasure of working with at eCrafty.com . She helps us with everything ~ from packing your orders, picking your freebies, and making sure our inventory behaves! When she is not babysitting her grandchildren you will find her pet-sitting, beading and creating!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Mustard Seed Traveling Mini Bottle Pendant DIY Kit by Brad Spry

ImageThis is a wonderfully inspiring project sent into us by our customer Brad Spry in North Carolina. This is his traveling Mustard Seed Ministry Kit.

Brad writes: "I saw someone else make one online, but I've put my own touches on it. It's an evolving design. It could be embellished more, but I like the simple look, to keep the focus on the seed."

"What's important to me is putting together a kit so that I can have everything with me.  I have a roll of ball necklace stuff with me too."

His kit contains everything he needs to customize his Mustard Seed pendants on the go - including a small butane torch to solder closed the triangle jump rings for the top of the pendant bottles.

"It took me awhile to come up with a solution to close the triangle. I found the awesome little butane powered soldering iron you see in the picture, that's a nifty tool if there ever was one. "


"Of course the most special thing of all is making them right in front of people, before their very eyes. It's not hard but it's very much the thought that counts and the love that goes into making them, and especially the message. Even the triangle itself is a message, lots of messages in this little bottle :-) "

"Matthew 17:20 is the main mustard seed scripture. That's the message, it's not about me. I tell people that's all the faith that they need, just this little amount. People appreciate it, gives them a little hope. "

We love it! Thanks so much for sharing this Brad, and best wishes for continuing to expand your ministry, one mustard seed at a time!

ImageThe Mustard Seed, Traveling Kit Project
by: Brad Spry in NC
If you have questions, I bet he wouldn't mind if you dropped him a line! You can find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bradspry

ImageIf you'd like mini bottle supplies, you can find them at eCrafty.com on this page:

Wishing you happy creating and a whole bunch of crafty inspiration! From all of us at eCrafty.com!

Friday, February 15, 2013

5 New DIYs! Altered Sea Glass, Flying Pigs, Mini Bottle Amulets, Wired Love!

Well, we've been having a lot of fun with our supplies again!
1. Sea Glass View Finder Pebbles.  This technique has some great jewelry possibilities as well as gift applications! Check it out!
How to: Anne added two layers of 3D Crystal Lacquer (let dry between layers) to the top side of our sea glass pebbles. Keep the bubbles if they form for an underwater effect.
Pop the bubbles if they form by dragging the end of a headpin or safety pin, even a chopstick through the glaze.
For the focal image, she sealed a printout (in this case, an ocean scene) to the bottom with 3D Crystal Lacquer. It forms a beautiful porthole or see-thru window.
2. Sea Glass Message Pebbles/Pendants
Kim has been experimenting with her old faithful HP LaserJet 1200. It is a toner (not ink jet) printer which produces heat-set black toner images.
This technique also has some great jewelry possibilities - both on our sea glass pebbles and our craft glass tiles. Detailed instructions available on our eCraftyBlog1 or eCraftyBlog2.
Make it a pendant! For either of these transfer/altered techniques - by adding a bail to the back with e6000, you've got an incredibly interesting pendant possibility.

What do you think? How can you use this technique in your jewelry and crafting? Let us know - We'd love to hear your ideas!
3. When Pigs Fly! Embellished Necklace  Kim created this little gem in under a minute from our 633NECK finished Flying Pig Necklace by adding just a little 4mm pink crystal bicone dangle on a headpin. You can also get JUST the flying pig charms 633 here.
4. Wired Love Wow! Look what our friend and away at college co-worker Hannah made with wire (2 gauges) and our 4mm glass pearls 446MIX200 (200pc 4mm glass pearls ~ a customer favorite).
More photos available on our eCraftyBlog1 or eCraftyBlog2.. Are you inspired yet?
Thank you for sharing these great creations Hannah! We're so inspired that we might have to stop everything and go try these! :-)
5. Mini Bottle Amulets Anne & Kim have been playing with the mini bottles, again!
We got some dramatic results by hanging a very small charm from our Charm Mega Mix 100 Pack, (in this case, baby angel wing or shell or key or seahorse) from the underside of our mini bottles 1200V-10PACK or 1200J-10PACK the cork with just a headpin. Left to dangle this makes for some simply beautiful jewelry pieces.
You can built on any of these with beaded dangles, word charms, wire wrapping, mini-notes, you name it!
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As always, have FUN, and happy creating! Hope to "see" you soon at eCrafty.com!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY Sea Glass Beach Glass Image Transfers from eCrafty.com!

Anne has been experi-menting with image transfers onto our Sea Glass Pendant kits (available at www.eCrafty.com) in our Sea Glass, Beach Glass section . 

In a perfect world, Kim thinks you can get them to look like this with a laser print or ink jet image transfer process. Some of the most basic image transfer techniques are to spray fixative on the toner or ink jet side of your printout, burnish ink side down, and release your paper. We're still daydreaming about the possibilities.

Here's our first exciting results ~ click image to enlarge 

Sea Glass Image Techniques: 

1. Anne applied 3D Crystal Lacquer directly onto our Sea Glass Pebbles to get an instant contrasting textural pattern (glossy/matte stripes or dots). 

2. She also drew directly onto the pebbles with a fine point sharpie (seahorse). 

3. She glued a lacy fern front directly onto the glass with 3D Crystal Lacquer. 

4. Lastly, she tried an image transfer with a laser or ink jet print. We are still working on the image transfer idea and will keep you updated on our results.
Any of these techniques have great possibilities and add a ton of dimension to our Sea Glass Pebbles Pendant Kit. Get a batch today and start playing! Combine them with our other sea glass beads and themed charms and glass pearls & glass beads/crystals

Send us your results and we'll publish them here!

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We hope to "see" you around the website, facebook, pinterest or twitter soon!

Have fun, and happy creating! The crafty folks up to creative experiments and lots of crafty supplies to make them with at eCrafty.com!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

1 Minute Jewelry DIYS: Recycled Garden Catalog Pendants from eCrafty.com

1 Minute Pendants made from1. an upcycled garden catalog and 2. our FREE Vintage Flowers Seed Packets download printable sheet.
1 Minute Jewelry DIYS: Recycled Garden Catalog Pendants 
I don't know about you, but right now I have a great assortment of garden catalogs filled with way more pictures of lovely flowers than I can absorb!
Why not repurpose them as wearable art? I've used our 1-minute pendant kits and our instant pendant kits to do just that - it's as easy as peel, stick, trim and insert.
The top loops/bails are large enough to work with any of our organza neck cords, ball chains, leather cords or rubber cords. Once your supplies are laid out and your scissors are close at hand, this project will take 1 minute or less! Watch out, it can be habit forming!
Consider the two minute version and add a little snippet of type or words on top of your image before you stick your epoxy dome dome. Consider the five minute version and make a little custom dangle out of our headpinscrystalsglass pearls or lampwork beads. Easy, fun, and full of springtime! Enjoy!
Use this FREE printable download sheet Vintage Flowers Seed Packets to inspire you! Happy creating from eCrafty.com!
Free Printable! Vintage Seed Packets from eCrafty.com!If you don't have a flower catalog handy, enjoy this  FREE printable Vintage Seed Packets from eCrafty.com! Original file size is 300dpi - this will be very LARGE on your screen but will result in a very crisp 8 1/2 x 11 printed sheet for collage, decoupage, our 1 minute pendant kits, bamboo domino tiles, unfinished wood blanks, more! Enjoy!
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Happy crafting, happy creating, hope to "see" you soon at eCrafty.com!

Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Jewelry: Solar System Planets Bracelet from eCrafty.com!


How cute is this? Becky was inspired by our new Rainbow Resin beads in Crazy Quilt and Tie Dye Swirl patterns (our SKUs 1307A, 1307B) to make a bracelet based on the solar system. She used our 1508E Sun Charms for... the sun!  She used the pnuemonic "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles" to correctly order Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune ~ each with their own beady personality! (Pluto is no longer considered a planet but we still are going to give it a shout out.)  If you look VERY closely, right next to Earth, you will see Becky even included the moon - a 4mm 1/6" e-bead from our eBead mixes.

This could be made on stretch cord for classes or youth groups. Becky used tiger tail (coated steel wire), some simple crimp beads (squish to hold your bead in place), and a few assorted bead mixtures of ours listed below.

Solar System Bracelet Recipe: Supplies from www.eCrafty.com: Rainbow Resin beads 1307A, 1307B; Watercolor Splash Beads in Black/White 1600E, Confetti Foil Swirl Beads 1370G, Sun Charms 1506E, 

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="487"]Rainbow Resin beads from eCrafty.com New Rainbow Resin Swirl beads make GREAT little planets![/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="487"]Rainbow Resin beads in Crazy Quilt from eCrafty.com These beads make great lightweight jewelry - as shown here - part of our Solar System bracelet[/caption]

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wearable Art from the Heart ~ 5 Jewelry & Home Crafts for Valentines from eCrafty.com

Love is in the air! Here's some wearable Valentines you can make with supplies from eCrafty.com! Click on any picture for a closeup. We've included links to the products we used in each litte treasure. Happy creating!

1. Key to My Heart Encased in Glass
Shown above, Anne used our new WIDER 1200V-10pack 1" jug-shaped glass mini bottles to encase our key charm & millefiori heart in glass.

2. Key to My Heart Mini Bottle Necklace  Anne created this little gem from our 1200L-10pack-KIT mini bottle eye screw kit, a trimmed key charm 1611B, and a little millefiori red heart dangle ~ our 1626 hung on a 1505z headpin and looped at the top. Attached with our jump rings 1501Q to our customer favorites ~ one of our 1240W silver-plated brass snake chains. .

3. Graffiti Love Pendant! Anne made this glass heart pendant with a printout of her favorite
 valentine, our 302H glass heart cabochons, a little 3D Crystal Lacquer, e6000 for the bail on the back, and one of our 1240z ball chain necklaces. She finished the glass cab with our transparent glass markers SKU 700. You could also use any opaque paint pen made for ceramic and glass.

4. Lace Hearts Doily/Doilie Glass Pendants and Magnets This is one of those sleeper ideas that really surprised me! Pendant: Anne just took a paper doily,

glued/applied it to the back of our 302H-10pc glass heart cabochons with 3D Crystal Lacquer, trimmed the edges and added a bail (806A-10pack).

Lace Hearts Fridge Magnets: Same process but add our magnets rather than a bail for cute fridge magnet set.

5. Scrabble Tile Pendants 123!
We put together a step-by-step tutorial for simple scrabble tiles, over atour blog - this is always a fun starter project - glue a bail (806A-10pc) to the back of a scrabble tile, add an epoxy cover if you want, embellish with a simple dangle or even add a photo.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Free Printable Altered Peacock Collage Sheet + 30% Savings at eCrafty.com thru 1/1/13

Click here for our Free Printable! Altered Peacock Instant Collage Sheet and Scrabble Tile DIY! 

Happy Crafty New Years! Here's some instant inspiration for you ~ our free printable Altered Peacock 1 Instant Download Collage Sheet and a simple Scrabble Tile DIY technique to inspire you to go play!

Click here for our quick Scrabble tile tutorial. This technique works equally well on our bamboo domino tiles, or on glass tiles too. You can also use this free printable as artwork for our tray pendants with either our glass or instant epoxy dome covers.

Our 30% off everything promotion runs through tonight, JAN 1 midnight PST - just use SAVE30 in your coupons box at the bottom of your cart page for 30% off everything in your cart!

Wishing you a relaxing day of fun and inspiration. Time to go play! Happy Crafty New Years from all of us at eCrafty.com!