Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Summer DIYs to Try! Mini Terrarium Jewelry, Sea Glass Bottle Stoppers, Mother Earth Vases!

We've been having so much FUN with our latest shipment of mini bottlesin sizes ranging from 3/4" to 3.5". Here's some really FUN DIY ideas that our crafty friends (& coworkers) have made recently. Click on any image for a closeup view.

1 and 2: Mini Glass Terrariums 
Look what Becky and Anne made with our 1200L and 1204M mini bottles!  Becky used our smallest size to showcase her incredibly sculpted miniature mushrooms, while Anne used moss/lichen from her yard to make these wonderful charms/pendants. 

Mini terrarium jewelry is a strong trend on Etsy & Pinterest,combining Going Green with Handmade items ~ try some ~ make some ~ they're irresistable! Trust us!

3. Sea Glass Bottle Toppers 
Anne just made these the other day and they are irresistable. She made these very quickly using an assortment of our new mini bottle sizes 1200G, 1200S, 1200T and our Sea Glass Pebble Mixtures in Ocean and Aqua and some Weldbond or e6000 for securing the pebbles to the corks. Anne found that our new pebbles are perfect for gluing (magnets, bottle toppers, pendants) as they have many flattened sides. Consider these for wire wrapping, fridge magnets, jewelry making, and e6000 insta-crafting this summer! 

Made to mimic rare beach glass treasures - our man made sea glass beads and pebbles are made from earth-friendly recycled glass, tumbled into super smooth pebbles ~ sure to win you over with their glowing hues. You can see MORE of our Ocean-Inspired products here.

4. Mother Earth Bud Vases Made with our mini bottles - our crafty Anne drilled a log from her yard with 7/8" or 1" bit and inserted our mini bottles 1200S and 1200G, corkless, for an instant bud vase centerpiece. This is a great idea for summer time entertaining ~ if you've got a handy drill nearby - this is a very quick project!

5. Mini Bottle Piglet Charm ~ Customize with color! Our friend and coworker (and recent high school graduate!) Hannah fell in love with our mini bottle pigletsand quickly filled one with our $1 pink seed bead mix 417. The result? A near-instant, custom-colored pig charm! Irresistable!

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