Friday, December 28, 2012

Just GLUE IT! 3 Easy Bracelets made with Buttons, Scrabble Tiles, Metal Stampings Bracelets

We're bringing you three fun and different ideas for our glue-on bracelet blanks. These samples were all made with our craft-quality bracelet blanks SKU 1450

1. Steampunk Dreams Anne made this cool mixed metals steampunk style bracelet from our 1450 basic craft bracelet base and our 1152 or 1159 Fearless Crafter's Metal Stampings Mix with just a little dab of e6000 on the base and between the metal charm layers. Click photo for a closeup. This mix has so many fun options - lots of shapes and raw mixed metals to play with!

2. Button UP! Kim made this antique off-white mixed button bracelet with our same 1450 craft bracelet base and our Vintage Buttons Mix in white. She chose a trio of buttons from small to large for each landing pad and then attached them with e6000 adhesive. We also have a nice Vintage Buttons Mix in warm neutrals which would work great too. This is an great idea for kids to make for Mother's Day.

3. Say Anything 6-Tile Scrabble Bracelet   Got 6 letters? Make some wearable art! Kim used our 1410 Vintage Scrabble tile mix and our 1450 craft bracelet base along with a dab of e6000 adhesive for a nearly instant scrabble tile bracelet. Stuck for a word? Check out this link ~ tons of common 6-letter words you can use to create with! How we didn't think of CRAFTY I just don't know! :-) Blame it on the Holidaze!

New Year's Resolution Embellished Bottle Pendants
Fun and quick - using our 1200L-10pack mini bottles and our eye pins, thread our bali spacer beads 1155 on either side of our glass pearls ~ top it off with a crystal bicone to make these New Year's Resolution Keeper Bottle or embellished Message in a Bottle pendants. If you'd like, fill with a personal message (New Year's resolution ~ "Stay Calm" "Have Fun" "Craft More" "Lose 10 Pounds" on a fortune cookie sized paper. Tie with twine. Optional fill with favorite beach sand or glitter .... just do it!  Hang from our cords and chains (many styles - snake chain or organzas are especially pretty combined with these) with a simple jump ring ~ These are EASY, cute and original little treasures!

DIY Beaded Eye Glass Leashes in Under 5 Minutes!
Hard to find but we've found it! Glass beads hand strung and linked on sturdy silver plated brass chain for beading, decorating, jewelry makingand near-instant eye glass leashes.

Sold by the yard, split in 2, makes (2) near instant eye glass leashes or 18" necklace.

You will need a few of our simple findings (eye glass connectorsjump rings, possibly lobster clasps) to finish.

You can also deconstruct this chain very easily to create indivual dangles or glass charms. Want to add a pendant or some charms? Basic chain fits bail and jump ring openings of 4mm and larger. Sold by the continuous yard - if you order (2) yards, we will send you a complete 72" inches of chain. Way too fun - you are just going to have to take our word on this one!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Printable Holiday Cheer 1″ Circles and Nearly Instant Gifts!

Here's some last minute tips for last minute gifts! You've still got time! We're shipping all website orders $25 or more by Priority Mail if you place your order by WED Dec 19th.
Here's a very quick use of ou 400A-10pack 1" pendant bases and our 802N epoxy domes. Add a printout from our Free printables sheet (FREEBIE below!). Use 2X tape or e6000 to the base. You are done!
Free Printable Holiday Cheer 1" Circles from!
Happy holidays! Here's a cheerful FREEBIE just for you! Click here, then right click to save this printable to your computer files. It is 300dpi, the file on screen will be big, the printout will be perfect, crisp 8.5 x11 letter size. You can vary the size of the circles by setting the reduction or enlargement percentage on your print page.

Use for all of our 1" magnets, bottle caps, glass tiles, epoxy domes, glass cabochons, fillable domes, pendant bases and ornaments, even gift tags or stickers for your snail mail!
Festive Believe Message Glass Dome Necklace w/Bicone Crystals
Anne's festive "Believe" necklace is shown here, made with ourBelieve domes SKU 413B-WORD10pc., our 20mm charm bases 1236-10pack, a few crystal bicones looped on headpins and trimmed with nail nippers, and a little e6000 to glue the word dome to the charm base. Hang from our ball chain necklacessnake chains, or festive organza colored neck cords to finish.
Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Necklace by Andrew ~ Read on!
Our talented customer Andrew made these pendants in a flash for an upcoming Hurricane Sandy fundraiser - he made his first pendants almost instantly after receiving his package of 400A-10PACK pendant bases and our 802N epoxy domes. If you are interested he & his wife's fundraising efforts, or you would like one to purchase one of these finished pendants, find them on Facebook at
Lights Fantastic!
Get festive and have FUN with these blinking holiday lights necklaces with 2 extra batteries and three display/flash/light modes! There are others but these are the BEST! No extra charge for priority shipping on orders $25 or more ~ through WED DEC 19th.
Our gift to you ~ 20% savings on EVERYTHING in your cart with code DEC2012. Redeem this code by typing it in the coupon box at the BOTTOM of your shopping cart. Everything in your cart will be discounted immediately before checkout.
If you ever have questions, you can use the comments section of your shopping cart page, or just e-mail our fantastic customer service at Please give as much important info as you can in the subject line of your e-mail so we can help you ASAP.
Thanks always, best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday time. From all the busy elves at!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 Simple Gifts to Make in Under Five Minutes
We're bringing you five different gift ideas to make in UNDER 5 minutes - how's THAT for a good thing? No one will ever guess how little time they took ~ all are sure to be welcomed, personalized gifts! 

Glass Dome Message Necklace
Anne's festive "Believe" necklace is shown here, made with our Believe domes SKU 413B-WORD10pc., our 20mm charm bases 1236-10pack, a few crystal bicones looped on headpins and trimmed with nail nippers, and a little e6000 to glue the word dome to the charm base. Hang from our ball chain necklaces, snake chains, or festive organza colored neck cords to finish.
Scrabble Tile Necklace in Under a Minute!
Look at this cute necklace made with our Vintage Scrabble Tile Letter - your choice, just .99 cents!,

Add our glue-on bails, hang from one of our cords or chains, add a snap bail and/or jump ring to suit your cord, and put it in a pretty organza bag - your gift is done. I told you this was easy!

3 minute version ~ add a bicone dangle in birthstone or favorite color. Thread our 4mm or 6mm bicones onto a headpin, wrap around a choptick or your round pliers, trim the overlap with nail nippers or your pliers.

5 minute version ~ Trim a photo or scrap, glue to scrabble tile. Seal with our instant epoxy domes (scrabble size). 

Make a Festive Jewel-Topped Mini Bottle Pendant ~ Under 2 Minutes!

Fun and quick - using our 1200L-10pack mini bottles and our eye pins, thread our bali spacer beads 1155 on either side of our glass pearls ~ top it off with a crystal bicone to make these Genie Bottle or embellished Message in a Bottle pendants. If you'd like, fille with a personal message on a fortune cookie sized paper, or tie a little mini message of love inside. Fill with fairy dust. Favorite beach sand. Glitter .... just do it!  Hang from our cords and chains (many styles - snake chain or organzas are especially pretty combined with these) with a simple jump ring ~ These are EASY, cute and original little treasures!

Personalized Message Necklace in 5 Minutes!
Use one of our Word/Message charms, attach with jump ring or snap bail to cord or chain. Embellish with one or two looped dangles ~ glass pearls, bicones, strung on eye pin, looped and trimmed.

Personalized Destination Necklace in Under 5 Minutes!
Got an armchair traveler or daydreamer on your list?

Make them a fantasy desitnation necklace.  Feature their birthplace or favorite vacation spot or honeymoon location! How about their home town?  Just Google the city or spot, ask for hybrid sattelite and map view, and print. Stick our 803N 1" square epoxy sticker to the crop you'd like, trim, and adhere to 1241-10PACK base with a little bit of e6000 or double sided tape a word or message charm, a mini bottle, a bicone dangle. The mini bottle can include wedding rice, a little note, a date. You get the idea!

Personalized Photo Bracelet in Under 5 Minutes!
Use our ready-made bracelet forms to  personalize a custom jewelry gift in very little time. Our photo bracelets are completely assembled, require NO glue, and include acetate protectors, extra laminating film, a little gift bag, and handy instructions. See them all here.
Instant Customized Snow Globe Fridge Magnets!

Our customer favorites return for the holidays!
Add a photo to the back of this pre-filled (already contains liquid and snowflakes!) 3" miniature magnetic snow globe frame. Magnetic, flat-backed, changeable! - great for the fridge or locker! Great little stocking stuffer, teacher gift, or quick gift topper.

DIY Glass Tile Heart PendantUse 3D Crystal Lacquer for print outs, or e6000 for real photos, apply a small amount of glue on back side of our heart glass dome. Press down firmly, wipe excess glue from edge. Trim carefully and let dry fully. Brush same sealer on back side of your glass dome and let dry fully again.

Add a glue on bail with e6000 and let dry fully again. Or, add a magnet for a really cute fridge magnet.

The "let dry" part of this project is the time consuming part. You might want to speed things along with a quick trip in a low-temp (250 degree) oven. (Not the microwave).

The "do it" part is just a minute or two per pendant. Our heart shaped glass is especially nice for photos.
Doodle Art Pendants or Key Chains with Bamboo TilesMake and Take! Bamboo Domino Tiles are a perfect project on the go ~ Grab an opaque marker and a few extra tiles - put them in a zip bag and tuck them in your backpack or purse.  Next time you find yourself waiting around for the end of kids' practice, in the waiting room or between planes, get happy -  it's your new bamboo tile doodling time!

DIY Button Jewelry
Here’s two quick projects using a mix of new and old ~ We created this button jewelry trio using our vintage button mix in white/pearls, and e6000′d them onto our glue on ring, bracelet and pendant forms to make a whimsical, breezy jewelry trio. Click here for closeup.
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As always, have FUN, and happy creating! Hope to "see" you soon at!