Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Mustard Seed Traveling Mini Bottle Pendant DIY Kit by Brad Spry

ImageThis is a wonderfully inspiring project sent into us by our customer Brad Spry in North Carolina. This is his traveling Mustard Seed Ministry Kit.

Brad writes: "I saw someone else make one online, but I've put my own touches on it. It's an evolving design. It could be embellished more, but I like the simple look, to keep the focus on the seed."

"What's important to me is putting together a kit so that I can have everything with me.  I have a roll of ball necklace stuff with me too."

His kit contains everything he needs to customize his Mustard Seed pendants on the go - including a small butane torch to solder closed the triangle jump rings for the top of the pendant bottles.

"It took me awhile to come up with a solution to close the triangle. I found the awesome little butane powered soldering iron you see in the picture, that's a nifty tool if there ever was one. "


"Of course the most special thing of all is making them right in front of people, before their very eyes. It's not hard but it's very much the thought that counts and the love that goes into making them, and especially the message. Even the triangle itself is a message, lots of messages in this little bottle :-) "

"Matthew 17:20 is the main mustard seed scripture. That's the message, it's not about me. I tell people that's all the faith that they need, just this little amount. People appreciate it, gives them a little hope. "

We love it! Thanks so much for sharing this Brad, and best wishes for continuing to expand your ministry, one mustard seed at a time!

ImageThe Mustard Seed, Traveling Kit Project
by: Brad Spry in NC
If you have questions, I bet he wouldn't mind if you dropped him a line! You can find him on Facebook:

ImageIf you'd like mini bottle supplies, you can find them at on this page:

Wishing you happy creating and a whole bunch of crafty inspiration! From all of us at!

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