Friday, January 18, 2013

Wearable Art from the Heart ~ 5 Jewelry & Home Crafts for Valentines from

Love is in the air! Here's some wearable Valentines you can make with supplies from! Click on any picture for a closeup. We've included links to the products we used in each litte treasure. Happy creating!

1. Key to My Heart Encased in Glass
Shown above, Anne used our new WIDER 1200V-10pack 1" jug-shaped glass mini bottles to encase our key charm & millefiori heart in glass.

2. Key to My Heart Mini Bottle Necklace  Anne created this little gem from our 1200L-10pack-KIT mini bottle eye screw kit, a trimmed key charm 1611B, and a little millefiori red heart dangle ~ our 1626 hung on a 1505z headpin and looped at the top. Attached with our jump rings 1501Q to our customer favorites ~ one of our 1240W silver-plated brass snake chains. .

3. Graffiti Love Pendant! Anne made this glass heart pendant with a printout of her favorite
 valentine, our 302H glass heart cabochons, a little 3D Crystal Lacquer, e6000 for the bail on the back, and one of our 1240z ball chain necklaces. She finished the glass cab with our transparent glass markers SKU 700. You could also use any opaque paint pen made for ceramic and glass.

4. Lace Hearts Doily/Doilie Glass Pendants and Magnets This is one of those sleeper ideas that really surprised me! Pendant: Anne just took a paper doily,

glued/applied it to the back of our 302H-10pc glass heart cabochons with 3D Crystal Lacquer, trimmed the edges and added a bail (806A-10pack).

Lace Hearts Fridge Magnets: Same process but add our magnets rather than a bail for cute fridge magnet set.

5. Scrabble Tile Pendants 123!
We put together a step-by-step tutorial for simple scrabble tiles, over atour blog - this is always a fun starter project - glue a bail (806A-10pc) to the back of a scrabble tile, add an epoxy cover if you want, embellish with a simple dangle or even add a photo.

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