Monday, April 4, 2011

Craft Tips for Connecting your Message in a Bottle Pendants to Neck Cords, Charm Bracelets or Earring Wires

Q. I just got my mini bottle / message in a bottle pendants and I'm not sure how to get them to fit on the neck cords I want to use. What do you suggest? Thanks, ~ D

A: Hi D: We usually attach the mini bottles with a simple jump ring to our neck cords - there are not many ready-made cords with clasps that fit the little loops in the top of the mini bottles.  

Here's 2 ways to attach any size mini bottle / message in a bottle pendants to our charm braceletsneck cords or ear wires (yes, they're small enough for earrings!)

Here's another:

A pack of our 10mm jump rings, or 8mm jump rings (100 packs) should do the trick - most all top-looped items connect with cords with the help of a simple jump ring ~ grip with two sets of pliers, open like an "s", loop on or connect your pieces, close the "s" - you're done.

See all our our message in a bottle pendants and charms here:

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