Monday, October 1, 2012

5 Quick DIYs with Bamboo Domino Tiles from!

Here’s some more easy ideas for creative and personalized gifts you can be working on NOW for easy gifting later! This week, we're featuring ideas made with our customer favorites ~bamboo domino tiles.
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1. Metallic Sharpies or Opaque Paint Markers on Bamboo Domino Tiles  This is a quick & easy method for making interesting custom bamboo tile pendants, beads and bolos.
We used metallic Sharpie markers to make the funbamboo tile pendants above. This is a great project for all ages - the top left design was made by my son Nick who was 8 at the time! Can you tell which one?
Finish your custom bamboo tiles with our non-stretch rubber or leather cords, or string or wrap with wire and attach with jump rings to your favorite cord or necklace.  These also make great keychains and household tags!
2. Mr. Bones Halloween Necklace by Anne Strasser. Anne sketched a Halloween-theme on our black bamboo domino tiles with a silver paint marker. Finished with some black bead nuggets and beading wire. Great for the kids too! A simple BOO for small ones, more detailed as your sketching skills increase.

3. Bamboo Domino Tile Beads with Stamped Images by Cheryl Satterlee
. Look at the gorgeous effect Cheryl created with a rubber stamp inked onto our blonde bamboo domino tiles. She finished her design with our bamboo bead spacers.

4. Upcycle/Recycle your calendars, school photos, greeting cards into a cool pendant or key chain fob.  Kim made this from a left over calendar page and a black bamboo domino tile, glued and sealed with 3D Crystal Lacquer sealer.
She applied one of our rectangular glue-on bails to the back to make the tile function more as a traditional pendant than a bolero/beaded style adornment.

5. Bamboo Domino Tile Beads as....Beads!

What a concept! Here is Anne's necklace made with our bamboo domino tile beads and our bumpy lampwork glass beads as spacers. Click image for a closeup.
This could just as easily work as a key chain by attaching to one of our large key rings. Easy, fast, fun!
Make and Take! Bamboo Domino Tiles are a perfect project on the go ~ Grab an opaque marker and a few extra tiles - put them in a zip bag and tuck them in your backpack or purse.  Next time you find yourself waiting around for the end of kids' practice, in the waiting room or between planes, get happy -  it's your new bamboo tile doodling time!
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As always, have FUN, and happy creating! Hope to "see" you soon at!

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