Friday, September 14, 2012

More Holiday Make Ahead Crafts: DIY Beaded Crystal Snowflakes!

Look what Hannah dreamed up with our newest clear crystal beads, our eye pins, jump rings and a little 3D Crystal Lacquer!
I especially love that this project is very portable – you can bead up the individual pins just about anywhere – in front of your favorite TV show or Netflix movie, or at one of the kids’ practices, and finish them later. You might even get some help from envious bystanders! (This has happened to me at both kids’ swim lessons and at the orthodontist’s waiting room). There is no end to what friendly folks will volulnteer to help you with when there’s crafting going on! :-)
Hannah’s clear AB version below used all the same size beads(our SKU 1692B).
The basic technique is quite simple.
  1. Bead 1 eye pin, form loop at end. Repeat your pattern (Hannah’s design used 9-10 2″ pins).
  2. Complete each end with a simple loop (round-nosed plier are perfect for this).
  3. Lay out flat, test your pattern. If you are using several bead sizes, it helps to start with the largest beads toward the center.
  4. Open your jump ring like an “S”. Attach each on end of each pin loop to the jump ring, close the ring.
  5. Lay your finished piece flat on a non-stick (wax paper) or silicone cookie sheet.
  6. Secure your pattern with 3D Crystal Lacquer over the first “ring” of beads in the middle and over the central jump ring.
  7. Let air dry. You can speed the dry time along by baking in a low temp 250 oven for approx. 15 minutes.
Hannah learned a few lessons along the way – if the pins are beaded consistently, your snowflake should assemble quite easily.
You’ll notice in the gold version below, she used her largest beads toward the center of her design, and interspersed different sized clear spacers and crystals.

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Beaded snowflakes materials list:
1692A, 1602B crystal beads,
our eye pins,
 jump rings and
a little 3D Crystal Lacquer!
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