Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 New DIYs! Try our New Jewelry Bases + Glass Domes

What fun we've got for you this month! So many new things to try! Let's get started!
1. Time Flies! Collage Pendant Mixed Media Necklace.
Both Anne and Kim's daughters are graduating HS seniors this year ~ an exciting time for all. (Hooray! Oh No! Yay! Aaauuugh!) Know the feeling? With that in mind, Kim made this Time Flies Necklace from nothing more than a magazine clipping (closeup of a great watch face), one of our new collage pendants + glass tile tops, and an assortment of our mini bottles (stuffed with secret message of course!) and  our key and wing charms.

2.  Bollywood Vintage Matchbox Label Bracelet
I've been a fan of Vintage Matchbox Labels from India and China for a long time. I made this Bollywood inspired Matchbox Label Bracelet with our new glue-on acrylic bracelet forms, (3 shapes and sizes available) our 20mm matching glass tile domes, and a simple ink jet copy from one of my matchbook art books. I sealed my ink jet prints with our Fixative Stick, then applied a small drop of 3D Crystal Lacquer and firmly placed my glass domes on top of the sealed art making sure there were no bubbles. Once dry (low microwave or baking oven will help them dry quicker), I gave them a close trim with sharp scissors (you could use an exacto blade or box cutter also) and applied my finished art tiles to my bracelet base with a drop of e6000. I let them dry overnight.
We have a ton of new bracelet bases and matching glass dome tops - these are GREAT for either collage art, alphabets, sayings and ALWAYS, photos!
I'm hoping you can see the exciting potential in these new stretch acrylic bracelet bases! I used our downloadable typewriter art, printed out at 130% (slightly enlarged from the original file), and followed the same techniques as Bollywood above, I used our large 1" round bracelet form and our new 25mm clear glass domes to complete my design. Really easy. These domes sit just slightly within the edges of the frame so make sure to seal the edges well with e6000 and dry overnight. Our bracelet and pendant forms have so many options: magazine clippings, fabric samples, copies of old photos, alphabets, family photos....on an on!
4. Custom Dog Tags!
We just got these in and the possibilites for instant crafts seem kind of endless. I'm thinking especially of summer crafts but you can get very nice results for grown-up crafts as well. I used a postcard printout and an image from a magazine to create these samples with our new dog tags with matching epoxy covers (two sizes availalble). Add a ball chain, cords, etc., a couple of charms, you've got a nearly instant, really cute and easy project for all ages!
5. Dream Big Scrabble Tile Bracelet
Bear with me, you know how I love to use scrabble tiles for everything - This is a ROUGH idea - I did not take the time to glue in the scrabble tiles so it's a little wonky - take any 8 scrabble tiles (I used DREAMBIG) and glue them in to our square bracelet form. Done.
6. Glass Domes for Near Everything Else!
We are now well-stocked in all sizes and shapes of glass domes, cabochons, and matching pendant bases. Take a peek - a little dab of e6000 or 3D Crystal Laquer is all you need to take your printouts, scraps, family photos or collage art to a new wearable (or fridge-magnet) level! Great gifts, fun for kids too! You can see them all here.
We hope you find some fun new things in our store as we prepare to open shortly. Stop by and visit us atRubber Nation Crafts, check out all of our new items for June 11, and remember to use your code JUNE2011 for a 20% instant savings in your cart!

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