Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life's a Party Keepsake Necklace

My friend Veronica really knows how to turn 50. She was born to party. She had great invites, great food, great friends, great band (you get the idea)! I couldn’t resist making her a keepsake necklace with her own party invite. Using our memory frames, ball chain, our 15mm round silver charm blank, a little headpin and crystal, our downloadable typewriter key alphabet, and our 15mm clear adhesive epoxy dots,  I created her memento in under 20 minutes start to finish!. We started with silver chrome finish for all. Alternate versions could easily include our mini memory frames and links, jewelry maker’s beads, our word charms, change up the neck cord, add an origami art dangle – this is just a jumping off point!
Here’s the easy steps to making your own keepsake fun.
1. Unhinge the memory frame. Use the glass inserts as your cutting template and trim your art.
2. Add thin layers (words, magazine clippings, etc) to complete your mini collage.
3. Place your finished art between the glass inserts, reload and close your memory frame.
4. Using a headpin or eye pin, load a small spacer or bali bead, a simple crystal or favorite lampwork bead, another spacer, form a top loop (simple or wrapped). Set aside.
5. Print out your letter (we used our downloadable typewriter buttons) printed at 60%. Trim with our 5/8” paper punch.
6. Glue to 801F silver charm blank with our trimmable Bead Fix adhesive dots or E6000 adhesive. Let dry. Top with our clear adhesive epoxy dot.
7. Attach letter charm to bottom of memory frame with split ring (included).

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