Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make it Tonight! New Miami and Phoenix Necklace Designs

October is a great month to get a relaxed start on your gift-making and gift-giving ideas. Here's two wonderfully elegant yet simple jewelry ideas you can make tonight ~ easy to string samples and supply lists shown below.

This Miami necklace, by Shenoa Satterlee, makes you want to hop on a plane today! The aqua blue shell beads combined with olive green crystals and white clear seed beads invoke the sky, sea and sand of a tropical paradise. You will need:

  • 2 1001A Aqua blue coin shell beads
  • 1 1180N 6mm olive green crystal bicones
  • 1 1125j 2mm white clear glass seed beads
  • 1 763 Silver Tiger Tail beading wire
  • 1 1505Y Toggle clasp
  • 1 1606R Silver crimp beads
  • 1 1606T Silver crimp covers

Phoenix, an orange tabby cat, is the inspiration for this whimsical design A classic combination of bicone crystals and bali bead spacers is transformed with the addition of our cat charms and a cat/fish toggle clasp. Another inspired design from Shenoa. This is an easy project with dramatic results.

  • 2 1180W 6mm gold amber crystal bicones
  • 1 1503B Bali spacer beads
  • 1 1505X Cat face charms Toggle clasp set
  • 1 763 Silver Tiger Tail beading wire
  • 1 1606R Silver crimp beads
  • 1 1606T Silver crimp covers
About the designers: Cheryl and Shenoa Satterlee are our dynamite grandmother and grandaughter jewelry design team. Cheryl wears many hats here - packer, designer, copywriter and inventory tracker. When she's not here, she switches to her most favorite hats of all as mom and grandmom!

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