Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo Charms & Altered Art Jewelry Q&A

Q. Some of your frames are solid-backed, and some have small openings on back corners. I use mainly scrapbook paper. Would using a glaze such as DG3 or Diamond Glaze work with these?
A. Yes - Apply clear sealer (Our Diamond Glaze, Weldbond etc.) in thin layers - it is a very tight fit by the time you tuck your art underneath the slits in the frame - sealer does not oooze through slit - works great. We also offer clear self-adhesive laminating sheets (no liquid to deal with) . We ALSO stock frame style with NO slits - solid backs - see our lead-free antiqued silver metal alloy frame styles called Romance, Deco or Masterpiece - no slits at all - suitable for all sealers and epoxy as well. We also stock Memory Frames and Memory Frame Lockets which do not require sealers of any kind - simply sandwich your art or collage between the glass, close the metal latch and you're done.

Q. What kind of photo program is needed to do the pictures for the charms?
A. If you're using your own photos, we suggest a simple old fashioned reduction either on your printer or at your photo kiosk. If your cropped artwork is 3" tall and it needs to fit our frame opening of 3/4" - you would need to divide 2nd number by 1st - .75/3.00 = .25 or 25%. Easier still - Some of our best charm samples have been made with found art - return address labels, magazine clippings, postage stamps, fabric samples, wrapping paper, mail order catalogs, etc. We ALSO have many photo and altered art frames with LARGER openings, in larger sizes - up to 1x3" or 2x2" in either memory frame, memory lockets, or even the slightl larger mini-masterpiece style. Hope this is helpful - happy creating to you! Kim N at

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